How To Play Werewolf Over Zoom, Wolvesville 12+

A free real time version of the social deduction party game Werewolf aka Mafia played in your browser. puts the village up against various evil factions and roles with unique mechanics that wouldn”t be possible to play in person. Specifically, the kiemtung.vnes, vampires, coven and undead.

Open Community Games

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These games have already started, but you are free to observe them


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Long format games take place over many days, with each night and day phase lasting a full 12 hours. wlf games are recommended as new player friendly

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Turbo Games

Speed games on last a few minutes. Werewolf Patreon members can create their own speed games at any time. There is also a Discord bot in the #speed-games channel that will automatically create a game if four or more people use the $$spud command.

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Create Game

Join our Discord Community

We have quite an active discord community server, where we organise speed games and announce developments for the site. Most of our channels are set to private to protect everyone from spam, but if you prove yourself to be a sensible and active player you”ll be given access to those channels in no time. You can opt out of most of our Discord notifications by using the $take command.

Learn to Play Online Werewolf

With over 100 different roles and 40 items in our guide, how to play werewolf online, it can be daunting to begin learning how to play werewolf on this site. We recommend starting with a wlf game or two, as they will always have some setup information as to what roles may be in the game, to narrow down the amount of reading required. Reading a previous replay of a good game can give you an idea. There is also a complete archive of games run on the site, maintained by

Other Social Deduction Games

We”ve recently added the rules and guide for newest game mode Howl at the Boom, which will soon be made available to game hosts.

If you”re lacking the numbers of a full game of Mafia, try playing a game of Thing at your next Zoom Party instead.

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