50 Best Offline Games Without Wifi For Android Ios, The 12 Best Offline Iphone Games Of 2021

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Nothing”s more annoying than trying to play your favorite mobile game and realizing you can”t because you don”t have an internet connection. Sadly, more and more games today require Wi-Fi to play, even if you don”t want to use the online features.

That said, there are still plenty of free offline games that don”t need Wi-Fi available on Android, iOS, PC,and Mac.

In addition to iOS and Android, Fallout Shelter is also available for Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Based on the wildly popular Fallout series, Fallout Shelter tasks players with protecting their own population of nuclear apocalypse survivors. Manage your resources wisely to help humanity thrive once again. Fansof games like Civilization andStarCraftwill surely love this simulator.

The gorgeous art style will make you want to keep playing just to see what the next level looks like.

Later levels are relentlessly difficult.

Some obstacles require more trial and error than skill to overcome.

Badland is beautiful to look at and a blast to play. Players are tasked with helping a group of endearingly ugly critters navigate a dark forest full of deadly traps and puzzles. Although Badlandis free for Android,a “Game of the Year” edition with extra levels is now available for PS4, Xbox One​,and Wii U.

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The realistic graphics are almost unbelievable. Asphalt 8 looks more like a PS4 title than your average mobile game.

The Asphalt series has becomesynonymous with mobile racing games. The eighth installment features40 new tracksto tear up with dozens of new cars. Complete challenges to earn upgrades and customize your vehicle. You can race against the A.I. without an internet connection, but ​theonline multiplayer mode is worth checking out since it lets you raceagainst up to 12 opponents at once.

Shadow Fight 2 is free to download for Android, iOS, and Windows.

This unique fighting game appeals to fans of arcade-style beat-em-ups and RPG lovers alike.

Like Badland, Shadow Fight 2 has a distinctive art style that sets it apart from the competition. This one-on-one fighting game with RPG elements emphasizes strategy and fast reflexes over brute force. Players can choose from an array of weapons, or they can go into battle with only their bare fists.

Playing Infinity Loop is a great way to relieve stress while you're waiting at the bus stop or the dentist office.

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Infinity Loop was designed tohelp people unwind.The goal of this deceptively simple puzzle game is to create unique shapes by connecting dots. Since there”s no timer, you can easily stop and resume gameplay at any time. If you likeInfinity Loop, tryInfinity Hex or Brain Decipher by the same developers.

While there are plenty of imitators, no other tower defense game can compete with the addictive gameplay of Plants vs Zombies 2.

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Fending off hordes of zombies can get overwhelming as the game progresses.

You'll be tempted to spend actual money on power-ups.

The zombie craze seems to have come and gone, but the Plants vs Zombies games still hold upnearly a decade after their initial release. If you haven”t played it, PvZis a creative twist on the tower defense genre in which players must defend their garden against an army of vegetarian zombies.Plants vs Zombies 2 is free to download for Android and iOS.

“Zen” mode allows players to simply enjoy the game's art and soundtrack without actually playing.

Alto’s Odysseyis a follow-up to the wildly successfulAlto’s Adventure, which reached more than 36 million downloads on Android alone. Instead of snowboarding, the titular character must now go sand-surfing through a vast desert. The excellent music and art style makeAlto’s Odysseyworth a look.

With 7,000+ questions and counting, Quizoid covers a wide range of topics from science to history to pop culture.

The user interface looks downright shoddy, but if you're playing with a group of people it's not an issue.

Trivia games are always great for long car trips, social gatherings, or family fun nights. Quizoidoffers differentmodes so you can play with a group of people or just test your own knowledge. When you downloadQuizoid forAndroid or iOS, the game stores all of the questions on your device, so you never need a Wi-Fi connection to play.

The realistic character animations and diverse gameplay modes will draw you in and make you feel like a real soccer tycoon.

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Dream League Soccer isn”t your average mobile sports game.It allows players to build their own leagues, teams,andstadiums to live out their bookingfantasies. Choose from a cast of real-life FIFPro players to represent your brand, then test your own againstother players online, or play offline against the A.I.

Since the A.I. can't read your poker face, Texas Holdem Offline Poker doesn't quite replicate the experience of playing against a person.

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If you want to practice your poker game, but you don”t have any cards, money or friends, Texas Holdem Offline Poker has you covered. While the game features an interactive tutorial for novices, the A.I. will give more experienced players a run for their money. Place virtual bets and participate in mock tournaments to polish your poker skills without risking your life”s savings.

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