35 Best Offline Android Games (2021) To Play Without The Internet

With mobile gaming being very popular across the world, especially in India, there are several open-world games that have been created for the Android platform. These games usually feature an immersive world where the player is free to roam and explore to their heart’s content. 

Some of these games also enable offline play, allowing users to enjoy an extremely fun gaming experience in a single-player mode as well. In this article, we take a look at some of the best offline open-world games for Android, in no particular order, that every fan of the genre must try.

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5 best offline open-world games on Android

1) GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is hands down one of the best offline open-world games that you can play on Android. The story of CJ’s rise in the world of crime is one of violence, betrayal and intense emotion, one that every mobile player must experience.

When it comes to the open-world experience, GTA San Andreas outweighs any other game in the genre as it has a massive open-world where the player can explore and roam around.


• Remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile

• Dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement control

• Customisable controls

• Tailored visual experience with adjustable graphic settings.

2) Ark: Survival Evolved


Ark: Survival Evolved is an exceptional survival experience that also features a vast open-world, which players can easily explore and enjoy. 

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In Ark: Survival Evolved, a player wakes up on an island with nothing, not even clothes. The player needs to explore the islands, which consists of several biomes, and gather resources to craft gear and build shelters. But, beware of the dinosaurs that roam around. Or just tame them to be your pets.


• 80+ dinosaur species

• Craft weapons, clothes and items

• Build shelters to survive

• Survive alone in single-player offline mode or play with friends.

3) Minecraft

This block-building adventure needs no introduction to anyone. Minecraft is perhaps the best open-world game ever made. That is evident in Minecraft being the best-selling video game of all time.

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With Minecraft’s infinite procedurally-generated world, players can explore, mine, craft and build to their heart’s content. Seriously, Minecraft is an extremely creative game that can be enjoyed by fans of all genres.


• Create and explore your very own world

• Build anything under the sun in the creative mode

• Single-player offline survival gameplay

• Play with friends and strangers on servers.

4) Ravensword: Shadowlands


Ravensword is a part of a hit RPG game franchise that was created for the Android platform. Ravensword takes a player to the kingdom of Tyreas where there are massive maps to explore freely.

Apart from the open-world, the game also offers the usual RPG elements and also features a tight-knit storyline that will keep you hooked to the game.

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• Enormous 3D RPG world to explore

• Reflex and precision-based combat with manual blocking and dodging

• Plenty of armour upgrades

• Decision based, multi-part quests.

5) Dark Days: Zombie Survival


Zombie survival open-world games are pretty popular on any gaming platform, and Android is no exception. Dark Days features a massive open-world that players can explore.

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When an unknown epidemic wipes most of humanity and turns it into bloodthirsty zombies, you must scavenge for resources and learn to survive on your own. Gather resources, build a shelter and shoot zombies to survive the apocalypse.

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