Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker



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We have sầu released Shinobi Life Online Pre-Alpha Version! This update features Earth Release: Earth Dome Jutsu, Aiming Mode and more! Try it out and tell us what you think.

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Download Shinobi Life Online:IMPORTANT: Do not rename your downloaded .exe file or the game will not start.Shinobi Life Online Pre-Altrộn Version - ChangelogBig networking rewriteSmall lakeShinobi Life Online Pre-Alpha Version ( R2) - Changelog1một nửa chakra increaseKenjutsu made available lớn all membersDonator & regular clients merged inlớn oneShinobi Life Online Pre-Altrộn Version - ChangelogKenjutsu made more powerfulVarious bugs fixedShinobi Life Online Pre-Altrộn Version - ChangelogKenjutsuDashing system (only used with kenjutsu)Kickback system (not currently in use)Improved graphicsShinobi Life Online Pre-Altrộn Version - ChangelogEarth Release: Earth Wall JutsuHidden Hill ArenaBeautiful trees and vegetationWind that affects the aforementionedImproved lightingImproved collision detectionImproved grassShinobi Life Online Pre-Altrộn Version - ChangelogEarth Release: Earth Dome JutsuAiming modeScroll wheel alternative sầu for adjusting speed while pressing Left ShiftDamage reportsImproved damage & force systemNew terrain rock texturesSunmix sky & lightingBetter multi-threaded renderingJutsu list menuVarious bug fixesShinobi Life Online Pre-Altrộn Version - ChangelogMajor graphical enhancementsRevamped Kage BuildingImproved Chidori hitboxImproved Wind Bullet visual effectIncreased Wind Bullet"s kích thước by 150%Improved Wind Bullet hitboxIncreased Fire Breath"s kích cỡ by 200% và made it twice as fastImproved Fire Breath hitboxVarious bug fixesSome more bug fixes/enableFXAntiAliasing và /disableFXAntiAliasing commands/enableAmbientOcclusion và /disableAmbientOcclusion commands/enableBloom và /disableBloom commandsShinobi Life Online Pre-Alpha Version - ChangelogAdded full Hidden Hill shinobi outfit/setVestMàu sắc comm& to change the color of your vest/takeOffVest command khổng lồ take off your vest/putOnVest command lớn put on your vestAdded new Shinobi Life Online OSTShinobi Life Online Pre-Alpha Version ( R2) - ChangelogFixed texture bugFixed UI bugFixed various other bugsMore powerful server with 64 player capShinobi Life Online Pre-Alpha Version - ChangelogWind Release: Wind Bullet JutsuHidden Hill: Kage Building previewImproved ninjutsu initial-/re-syncrhonization mechanismImproved animation systemImproved ninjutsu systemImproved Chidori và Fire Breath positioningIncreased Fire Breath damageRemoved Christmas patchVarious other bug fixesEstablished efficient window reflection systemImproved weather lighting changesVarious graphical improvements/setUISize 0.50 - 2.00/mặc định comm& lớn resize the User InterfaceShinobi Life Online Pre-Altrộn Version - ChangelogChristmas PatchShinobi Life Online Pre-Alpha Version - ChangelogFixed chakra not recharging under certain circumstancesFixed health bar dismorphing when dyingSlighty increased server"s lag tolerance for less frequent kickingShinobi Life Online Pre-Alpha Version - ChangelogNew high chất lượng Chidori visual effectNew high chất lượng Chidori sound effectLarger Chidori hitbox that fits its new visual effectNew high quality Fire Breath visual effectFire Breath is shorter and more dense than beforeFire Breath can kill a person in under 4 secondsFire Breath consumes as much chakra in 1 second as a single Chidori attackWhile Fire Breath is not very di động, its high damage rate makes it an excellent defensive sầu strategy (e.g. when someone comes running at you with a Chidori, you can properly defkết thúc yourself with Fire Breath)New highly accurate body part based hit detection systemGravity has been improvedThe maxmimum jumping height has been reduced lớn 8 metersThe maxmimum running speed has been reduced lớn 60 km/hChakra consumption for running starts at 40 km/h instead of 50 km/hYou are no longer able to control your direction và speed while in-air from a jumpNew high quality trail effectPlaceholder jutsus God Fire, Amatersu and GLT have been removedShinobi Life Online Pre-Alpha Version - ChangelogImproved resynchronization mechanismImproved lag detection mechanismImproved base character colliderFixed double hitting bugWalking on dead bodies is now possibleShinobi Life Online Pre-Altrộn Version - ChangelogFixed system message font-styleIncreased Deathmatch mode respawn time from 10 seconds to 1 minute with an interval based countdown lớn let players know they are getting respawnedDeathmatch mode (all vs all, first player to lớn reach max kills wins, respawning after 1 minute) is replacing Battle Royale (all vs all, last man standing wins, no respawning) as the default game modeChakra, health & being dead are only synchronized during a reconnection when the appropriate game modes are turned onChakra và being frozen are only syncrhonized during a reconnection when the appropriate game modes are turned onShinobi Life Online Pre-Altrộn Version - ChangelogFixed fire breath collision bug with new base characterFixed fire breath hits being detected as lag when used at a distanceConnected and disconnected reports of playersFixed God-mode bug/enableWeatherEffects and /disableWeatherEffects commandsFixed animation bug on low grapical settingsMotion Blur and Anti Aliasing are now turned off when you select Fastest/Fast/Simple graphics on the initial configuration screenFixed password not being detected under certain circumstances on the standalone clientUIKeyboardNavigator, this component allows you khổng lồ navigate through e.g. login đầu vào fields by using TAB và allows you lớn submit data by using ENTERNew base character for all playersRealistic skin for the base characterCustomizing skin tone using /setSkinToneWIP pants for the base characterCustomizing pants color using /setPantsColorCharacter sessions are stored for up to 48 hours on the VPS after logging outCharacter sessions save sầu character clothing settings, character position and rotation, character stats and character status (alive, dead or frozen)Reduced GLT base damage from 600 to lớn 400More intuitive controls và commands displayFixed bug where usernames with spaces in them were unable to log inFixed various other bugsVoice chatting with Left Alt keymutePlayer, unmutePlayer, muteEveryone, unmuteEveryone commands for voice chattingShinobi Life Online Pre-Alpha Version - ChangelogAnti-lag (& speedhack) mechanismAnti-relog mechanismImproved UI text effects looks-wise và memory efficiency-wiseNew weather system with dynamic ambient lighting, sunlight and fogRandom weather every 30 minutes with 67 possible weather configurationsFixed freeze tag bugs/kill & /revive sầu commands/killEveryone and /reviveEveryone commands/setWeatherInterval commandMore advanced God-modePort to Unity 5Physically based renderingLighting and shadow improvementsFixed walking through treesNew base character for donators