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It would be good to use more semantic HTML elements instead of exclusively DIVs. Currently we only use semantic elements for the header and footer of the page. Apart from making the pages more accessible, it could also be really useful for adding captions to images using and .

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More about semantic HTML elements:



Your own games website, filled with open source goodness! Automated installation of a plethora of open source web games. Fully customizable.

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Slay the Web is a singleplayer, deck builder, roguelike card crawl game for the web based on Slay the Spire
The puzzle latency shows the response time from pinging the server in milliseconds. This value could be styled to better portray what it is for. Response time of less than 300 could be considered as optimal and so could be styled as green or something. Anything above 1000 (1 second) would probably be not so great.

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A helpful pop up modal or something to better describe how this value is dete

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This is a project made from Shell which aims to allow users to download all of the skins from
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