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Minecraft servers are as varied as they are abundant, and it can be hard to hunt around for the kind of experience you”re after when you”re so spoilt for choice! But whether you”re looking for Skyblock, Hunger Games, factions, or just good old fashioned survival, this best Minecraft servers list will offer you a top-tier selection of reliable and reputable servers to play on.

Đang xem: Hypixel

Đang xem: Hypixel

The best Minecraft servers for 1.16.5

To get stuck in playing any of the top-tier Minecraft servers below, all you need to do is copy the Server IP Address text, and then in Minecraft”s Multiplayer menu select Add Server and paste the text you copied into the Server Address box. Give the server a name, click Done, and join the server. Easy!

Here are our picks for the very best Minecraft servers for 1.16.5:



Okay, let”s get the obvious out of the way; after all, how could we have a Minecraft servers list without talking about Hypixel, the unchallenged titan of Minecraft servers? Whether you”re interested in PvP and competitive Minecraft or a more relaxed and independent survival experience, Hypixel has about a dozen different modes for you to choose from, all presented through an easy-to-use inventory interface. Whatever kind of Minecraft player you are, you”ll find something to love at Hypixel. That”s what brings in tens of thousands of players day after day.

Server IP Address: mc.hypixel.netGame modes: Survival, Creative, Skyblock, Hunger Games, Minigames


MCCentral is another Minigames and multimodal server that has a condensed but still very comprehensive selection of different modes, each usually with multiple servers available. There”s a fully functional shared Creative Mode server which resets every day, where you can go to test out your Creative (and WorldEdit) skills. There”s a multitude of servers for Skyblock, UHC, Prison, Factions, Hunger Games, Capture The Flag, and much more. Plus, their lobby is fantastic, so there”s that too.

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Server IP Address: mccentral.orgGame modes: Survival, Creative, Skyblock, Hunger Games, Minigames

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JartexNetwork is a popular and growing server filled with all the same sorts of minigames and modes as its rivals. Everything on JartexNetwork feels polished: the server controls are intuitive, the servers are solid, the game modes are well-chosen and well-designed. It”s a great alternative to the more venerable titans on this list.

Server IP Address: top.jartex.funGame modes: Survival, Creative, Bedwars, Factions, Skyblock, Minigames

Blockdrop Network

Blockdrop Network is another very popular variety server, but it specialises in Bedwars – a game mode which requires you to protect your bed and destroy other players” beds to win. Recently they”ve also added “City Life”, a unique Sims-style game mode with rentable apartments, jobs, salaries, and everything else you need for a bit of good old escapism.

Server IP Address: bedwars.gamesGame modes: Bedwars, Survival, Creative, Factions, Minigames



Minewind has quite the reputation as an “anarchy” Minecraft server. That is, there are no anti-griefing or anti-being-a-dick rules of any kind. The only hard rule is: no cheating. It”s a place of true survival freedom. No factions, no zoning, no safety nets. It”s an unforgiveable and challenging place, with no trees in sight unless you venture far from spawn; but if you actually manage to survive and make something for yourself on this server, then that”s definitely something to be proud of. Just don”t expect it to last long.

Server IP Address: gg.minewind.comGame modes: Survival


If you”re after Skyblock shenanigans above all else, MineSuperior should be your first stop. This popular 1.16 server is packed with variations on the standard Skyblock formula, alongside numerous other game modes if Skyblock isn”t to your taste. Everything is easily accessible and clear, meaning you can start playing what you want to play straight away.

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Server IP Address: hub.mcs.ggGame modes: Survival, Creative, Skyblock, Factions


If the phrases “semi-vanilla”, “nature-themed”, and “help each other” appeal to you, then WilderCraft might be your best choice in this entire list of Minecraft servers. Within the spectrum of public Minecraft survival servers, it”s pretty much the opposite of anarchy servers like Minewind: the emphasis here is on collaboration and community, and working together to build and achieve lots of cool stuff. For those looking to meet new players and have a more down-to-earth, relaxed survival experience, WilderCraft is ready and waiting.

Server IP Address: play.wildercraft.netGame modes: Survival



One of the most popular and top-rated Minecraft 1.16 servers, Herobrine.org is another rival to the titans of the minigames community, offering everything from regular survival mode to Skyblock, Factions, and their immensely popular Bed Wars realm. It”s a wonderfully crafted Minecraft experience that presents everything with polish and panache.

Server IP Address: herobrine.orgGame modes: Survival, Skyblock, Minigames


Another Minecraft server which offers a variety of survival experiences from vanilla to Skyblock, Datblock has the extra attraction of a series of unique concepts for survival experiences that we haven”t seen the likes of anywhere else. The ambitious Datearth mode is played out on a map of the Earth, and offers “a geopolitical game with towns, nations and war”, while the equally novel Datmars throws you onto a near-inhospitable rock reminiscent of the Martian surface, where you are tasked with surviving – if at all possible.

Server IP Address: play.datblock.comGame modes: Survival, Skyblock, Minigames


CubeCraft features a smaller but arguably more intricately crafted selection of minigames and modes than most Minecraft servers can offer. I”ve been having a tonne of fun with their absolutely massive selection of parkour maps, with multiple themes each containing various levels across three different modes of difficulty. And that”s just parkour. The other modes CubeCraft offers are similarly elaborate and well-designed, with hundreds of players at any given time logging into SkyWars, Tower Defence, Archer Assault, or any of the other modes in their rotating selection of popular games.

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Server IP Address: play.cubecraft.netGame modes: Skyblock, Hunger Games, Minigames



HiveMC is another contender for the best selection of minigames on a Minecraft server. You”ve got all the familiar faces there, of course: BedWars, Hunger Games/Survival Games, Parkour, Death Run, and so on. But you”ve also got Cowboys & Indians, SkyGiants, Splegg, The Herobrine, and many more less common but equally well-crafted modes to dip into whenever you feel the need for something new.

Server IP Address: play.hivemc.comGame modes: Survival, Hunger Games, Minigames


ExtremeCraft is another Minecraft server that does a great job mixing the old, tried-and-tested modes with all new ones. Catering to all types of Minecrafters, from builders to fighters, all of the minigames and modes featured in ExtremeCraft are played by hundreds every day, and are supported by constantly updating leaderboards and stats viewable on the ExtremeCraft website.

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Server IP Address: play.extremecraft.netGame modes: Survival, Creative, Skyblock, Hunger Games, Minigames


Desteria carves out a section of the Minecraft faction servers community all for itself. This server spoils players for choice when it comes to faction play, allowing them to choose between multiple “realms” (for casual or competitive experiences) and numerous custom classes and perks, from Mage to Assassin to Pirate and more.

Server IP Address:top.desteria.netGame modes: Survival, Factions

And with that, regrettably, we conclude our Minecraft servers guide. Hopefully you found a server or two that you like the sounds of, and are now joyously off building sky-fortresses or maniacally chopping down enemy beds. While you”re here, why not get some building inspiration with our Minecraft house ideas?

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