Cách Chơi Pokemon Mega – Game Săn Pokemon Phong Cách Chiến Thuật Theo Lượt

MEGA Charizard X! – Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Let's Play – Part 125


Let’s Play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online!

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Here we are with the Pokemon trading Card Game Online! I started playing this game while it was still in it’s beta phases. Almost needless to say, I was a complete noob when I first started playing. But look how far we have come now! I couldn’t have made it this far without your guy’s support! Thank you so much!

Many people ask where I get all my virtual cards from; I buy code cards on eBay for a pretty cheap price.

Many people also ask what I use to record; I use “Fraps” to record my Pokemon Trading Card Game game play.

With that, sit back, enjoy, and Let’s Play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online!https://kiemtung.vn/

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commander manz 2 tuần ago

why not mega evolve when this is a mega charizard deck????

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Supreme Doggo 2 tuần ago

What is this game on?

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Alessandra Martínez 2 tuần ago

no able inglesh

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Shanerthebaber 2 tuần ago

How do u mega evolve

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awesome clipzz 2 tuần ago

that chairzard is a rear!!!

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Ariel Asaf 2 tuần ago

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loxy cande 2 tuần ago

i hate this vid shouldve did it like the other ones

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Vice Principle 2 tuần ago

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I don't know if its really as rare as I think it is but ive been playing for a few days and I got it from that 2nd prize you get from versus the chest

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Blackshadow 123 2 tuần ago

you suck the other charazard is better lameo

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olrox3644 2 tuần ago

Too bad, i came here to see some Mega Charizard in action but you never played him…

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Adrian Rolo 2 tuần ago

CAn I have a mega to

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Mariah roman 2 tuần ago

Does enyone have a mega that you don't need please I need one!

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Crazyman1515 2 tuần ago

u should have mega evolved cause mega charizard x is dragon type = not weak to water

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the emrald block emrald 2 tuần ago

You are the best guy in the world nice mega lucario card and mega charzard

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Jean Koonce 2 tuần ago


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Gaming City 2 tuần ago

Have you thought of using this deck with the new Lysandres trump card?

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NB Arcadeo 2 tuần ago

how do u get EX`S tylyr and mega chrizard plz help.

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Belwin Julian 2 tuần ago

Want to trade cards my name is ninjafirekai123 in pokemon

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xCrxativity 2 tuần ago

Attention All Pokemon TCGO Lovers,The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is now on Mobile,IPhone,IPad and i dont know now :/

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Frosty Slothy 2 tuần ago


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