If you are looking for a game that you can sink a lot of time in, you will often find yourself hunting for a role-playing game (an RPG). These come in a variety of flavors, each focusing on a different aspect of the genre. Some are just hack-and-slash quái thú slaying marathons that focus on loot và gear, others go in depth with character development, and there are those that put an emphasis on tactics và prolonged battles.

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No matter the specific flavor, any RPG will usually promise a rich world with unending lore & at least a smidgen of an interesting story. In other words, if you"re about lớn spend a lot of time with nothing to lớn vì chưng but game on your phone, it"s a genre worth exploring.
And since we are so often stuchồng in places with no Wi-Fi, there"s nothing we dislike more than racing towards our data caps while trying khổng lồ enjoy a game in single player experience. So, the games here were specifically picked out to lớn work in offline mode. Yeah, you can finally visit grandma out of town & not worry about the lachồng of coverage, because these games will have sầu you covered!
This is a classic isometric hack-and-slash RPG where the main point is to lớn kill monsters & gather epic loot so that you can kill more monsters. You have sầu three hero classes lớn pichồng from — warrior, mage, & rogue. Yeah, it sounds Diablo-esque và, really, the game does feel like it drew some inspiration from the Diablo series. For example, every time you cấp độ up, you get stat points to spover on physical attributes, but also skill points to unloông chồng và tăng cấp various unique skills. With the many weapons in the game, you can definitely make your own focused builds over multiple characters.

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This is a beautiful love letter lớn the history of gaming in the form of an RPG. It starts out in monochrome color with pixelated graphics. As you progress through the game, it evolves lớn add colors, better graphics, sounds, and music, eventually ending up as a 3D adventure RPG. A pretty cool idea in concept that also happens to lớn be solidly executed. If you enjoy it, but find its story lớn be a bit short — don"t worry, there"s a sequel available — Evoland 2!
OK, let"s get this out of the way... this game is not pretty khổng lồ look at. It pays homeage to the RPG games of ye olde days & it goes all in — antiquated graphics và silly animations included. However, if you are capable of getting past that, you will find yourself playing a deep RPG game with tons of build options, a huge world to lớn explore, và a story that"s engaging enough lớn keep nudging you to play. The soundtrachồng also helps khổng lồ suck you in that "classic RPG" feel.
It"s not entirely không tính phí — about the time you are level 7, you will find that you need lớn pay khổng lồ unloông xã the full game. But, at that point, you should already have your mind mix on whether or not you want khổng lồ spkết thúc $4 on this game.