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There is an eclectic selection of kiemtung.vns available for di động devices, & new MMOs seem khổng lồ come out nearly every month for iOS và Android. Unfortunately, new MMOs are much more rare for PC. So what are the best Smartphone kiemtung.vns that you can play on the go while you wait for the next big MMO khổng lồ come out?

Even more so than on PC, there are different kiemtung.vnS available on mobile to lớn appeal to lớn every type of gamer - from solo-players to lớn guild leaders, crafters, raiders, dungeon runners, and PvPers - so trying khổng lồ rank the best out of this các mục is purely subjective sầu. That said, these are the best kiemtung.vns available on sản phẩm điện thoại devices right now and there is something here for everyone.

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EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes is a fully-featured điện thoại version of the hit Sci-Fi kiemtung.vn EVE Online. One of the few MMOs to be phối in space, EVE Echoes not only shares the same universe as EVE Online but also virtually every other system in place - even the real-money PLEX currency. In our nhận xét we said, “For a di động port, EVE Echoes is an incredible experience, it brings together many of the aspects of its desktop brethren while molding in some of the more autonomic systems for the casual sản phẩm điện thoại người chơi. It’s a game with so much variety, pilots could get lost warping from one system to lớn the next và yet, that complexity provides a ton to lớn discover.”


Fight against space pirates, run missions for different alliances, go mining in space, join a player-run corporation, và fight epic space-battles against other players. The best experiences in EVE are with friends, so join together & create a corporation to lớn take on the massive space sandbox that is EVE Echoes.

Blaông chồng Desert Mobile

Blaông xã Desert Mobile is a sandbox kiemtung.vn by Pearl Abyss that features castle sieging, trading, crafting, player housing, animal husbandry, fishing, cooking, carpentry, parkour & more. This điện thoại version offers the same story, gameplay và combat systems from the PC version, with a streamlined progression system thanks to the more automated questing features. Although some may dislượt thích auto-questing in thiết bị di động games, Blaông chồng Desert mobile leans inkhổng lồ it by allowing players the capability to automatically progress through entire zones.

Blachồng Desert Mobile does include an in-game cash cửa hàng, but mostly features quality of life and cosmetic options for purchase. There are seasonal events, like Halloween and Anniversary celebrations, as well as nội dung updates that add additional playable classes like the Archer and Tamer. There is even an upcoming expansion with a new area to explore, the Great Desert region, coming later this year.

Runescape Mobile

Runescape Mobile is a không tính phí version of the self-same game on PC available on Android, which just recently turned trăng tròn years old. Although it is still in early access, & has been for over a year, RuneScape Mobile offers all of the same features as the same RuneScape on PC. In fact, it even features cross-play & cross-progression, which is great for continuing your progress when you’re not nearby your computer, so you can continue khổng lồ grind mobs & level up skills while on the go. In RuneScape thiết bị di động you can own your own port, run a farm, trade with other players at The Gr& Exchange, & master 28 skills.

The graphics may be dated for an kiemtung.vn on PC, but run perfectly smooth on Android. There is an iOS version currently in closed beta at the moment, with plans khổng lồ release in Early Access later this year. The Steam version also just recently released last year, allowing players even more options for where they want lớn play. For those who prefer the old-school, more grindy nature of RuneScape there is also Old School RuneScape which is based on the classic 2007 version of RuneScape.


V4 is a cross-platsize kiemtung.vn for both PC và mobile in which players explore a fantasy land called Syllunas. V4 features six playable classes that are wholly offense-focused, instead of splitting roles between tankers & healers, so as khổng lồ allow all players to lớn focus on dealing maximum damage. In our Reviews, we said that, “Even as someone who considers themselves a “core” người chơi, there’s enough here lớn keep me interested which means “casual” gamers are likely going to have sầu a lot of fun.”


There are tons of customization options, allowing you lớn personalize your character with weapons and armor và unlochồng their true potential. The player-driven marketplace allows players lớn mix their own prices for equipment or items, and ensures that players’ efforts are rewarded. V4 does also offer an autoplay feature that eases progression và allows crossplay between PC & Mobile so you can play V4 anywhere you go. Forge alliances, explore realms, & conquer the PvPhường battlefields in real-time matches in Forge alliances, explore realms, & conquer the PvP battlefields in real-time matches V4.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Unlượt thích some other MMOs on this list, Lineage 2: Revolution is not a port of a PC game. Instead, Lineage 2: Revolution is a prequel phối 100 years before the events of Lineage 2. It’s also rendered in the Unreal 4 engine, making it look on-par with some of the best kiemtung.vns out there, and is most noticeable by the size of the in-game regions. The scale of the open-world environments is colossal for a sản phẩm điện thoại MMO, allowing up khổng lồ 200 players to fight simultaneously in the same zone. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on PvP gameplay with several different modes to choose from including 50 vs 50 Fortress Siege matches, 20 vs trăng tròn battles, và a new 5 vs 5 PvP Battlefield that expands the previous 3 vs 3 Honorable Battlefield matches.

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We said that, “Lineage 2: Revolution has all the trappings you would expect from an MMO, including PvP.. It launches with Fortress Sieges which is thirty versus thirty live sầu combat. It can get quite chaotic during these fights with skills going off left và right & trying to lớn survive sầu long enough for your skills khổng lồ come off cool down khổng lồ get that last hit in lớn take down the enemy player. PvPhường. is the aspect that the game shines in with these huge battles and bigger ones lớn come in future updates.” The cash cửa hàng does feature a lot of Pay-to-Win options, but also cosmetic & quality of life improvements. You can join a guild, các buổi tiệc nhỏ with other players, tackle raid dungeons, & fight in PvP modes all in Lineage 2: Revolution.

Adventure Quest 3D

Another cross-play and cross-progression MMO is Adventure Quest 3D. This is a 3 chiều re-imagining of the original flash browser game, Adventure Quest Worlds, & is available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android Mobile devices. This game is wholly free-to-play but has a cash shop that features cosmetic items and unique of life assets like the ability to unlochồng new classes. Adventure Quest 3D emphasizes social play via its true cross-platform and cross-progression play, as well as having the ability lớn instantly teleport to lớn your friends.

There are new updates nearly every week and regular seasonal events in-game, like the holiday event Frostval & the recent Carnaval celebration. Challenge other players in PvP. at the Aremãng cầu, explore an in-depth crafting system, join your friends in a guild, và complete daily tasks in Adventure Quest 3D.

Albion Online

Albion Online is another kiemtung.vn that is available cross-platkhung và has cross-progression between PC, Mac, Android & iOS Smartphone devices. It is comparable to lớn RuneScape in many ways, including both its graphical style & the way that skills increase from use rather than by leveling up your character. The economy is also entirely player-driven where every cống phẩm is player-crafted và combat skills are tied khổng lồ gear, not khổng lồ a particular class. There is a premium membership option that increases fame gain, gathering yield, and loot from mobs và you can also spover real-world money to lớn buy in-game gold directly.


There is a big emphasis on PvPhường, especially between player guilds, as there are over 800 different territories that guilds can control which gives them rights over that area for either tax collection, farming territories, or a buff for easier resource collection. We said in our review that, “They seem khổng lồ have struông xã a wonderful balance between pointing player towards activities và letting them wander and find adventures on their own. A lot of players can be turned off at the idea of losing their things on death but I"d say to not let it bother you too much since you can either avoid PvPhường or ease yourself into lớn it. For anyone who is looking for an old school MMO Albion Online is a perfect fit.”

Bless Mobile

One of the newer games on this danh sách, Bless Mobile just launched in January of 2021. Like Lineage II: Revolution, Bless Mobile is also rendered in the Unreal 4 engine and is one of the best looking kiemtung.vns available khổng lồ play on-the-go. There are four different races & five classes to lớn choose from, with the combat more akin to an Action-RPG than other MMOs. There are both solo & multiplayer dungeons to play through, PvP.. modes, player Guilds, and Life Skills you can cấp độ up like mining and fishing.

Bless Mobile does feature an autoplay mechanic so you can play while doing other things, although it doesn’t bởi everything for you lượt thích accept quest rewards. The cash cửa hàng features cosmetic items, mounts, & chất lượng of life items as well as gaphụ thân summons khổng lồ obtain pets & gear.

Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World Mobile is a portable remake of the 2006 kiemtung.vn, Perfect World, bringing the classic world khổng lồ both Android and iOS điện thoại devices with enhanced graphics and a seamless world. Take to the skies with Perfect World’s chất lượng flight system, và fight foes in the skies, on the lvà, & even in the oceans. Form a guild with other players, and team up with the improved buổi tiệc ngọt and mentoring systems. You can customize your character and choose between three different races và five sầu different classes lớn start your adventure.

There are added auto-play và AFK features, letting you quest automatically và continue khổng lồ grow more powerful even while not actively engaged, which help lớn reduce the grind. There is a cash shop which includes both cosmetic items and unique of life items, but also includes items that directly increase stats for a better advantage.