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June 3, 2021


Mobile games have been around a long time. When they first became available on the App Store, they were pretty rough around the edges, simple games with Flash-esque graphics built for devices like the first-gen iPod Touch and the iPhone 3G.

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At the time, these games were fine for killing time in line at the supermarket, but it’s 2021 now, and mobile games have come a long way. Many mobile titles can rival PC and console games in their sophistication and quality, with many of the best mobile releases actually coming from consoles and PC first.


The App Store is filled with inventive takes on every genre in gaming, but if you’re looking for an immersive experience on the go, RPGs are the only choice. There’s no shortage of variations on the genre, but RPGs share a few things in common that make them perfect titles for long play sessions. From dynamic choices that influence the outcome of the story, to deep battle systems that keep you on the edge of your seat to the last fight, RPGs are an essential part of any gaming diet.

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Unfortunately, some mobile titles require persistent always on connections in order to play their games, especially if you’re using multiplayer servers, but if you’re planning a flight or sitting in the backseat of a long car ride, you’ll need something you can take offline. There are a ton of RPGs available for offline play on the App Store, so if you’re finally ready to dive in and take a look at what you can get for hours of entertainment, let’s get started.

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