The best cooking games on PC from realistic restaurant management khổng lồ anime RPG puzzlers - find something to sink your teeth into


Overcooked 2

In Overcooked 2 you play as a cartoon chef with the sole ayên of fulfilling customer orders by following recipes using the various ingredients, utensils, và gadgets around the kitchen. Simple, right? No. Overcooked 2 ramps up the difficulty with each new cấp độ, starting out with one ingredient sushi recipes in a standard kitchen, to careering through the clouds on a burning hot air balloon while managing multiple pizza orders. It also means a lot of teamwork, and communication – so a stack of dirty plates doesn’t build up và cost you precious points.

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Teamwork: The best co-op games on PC

Overcooked 2 doubles down on the platforming elements of the first game, with levels boasting moving sections of kitchen, jumping puzzles, & even conveyor belts. Plus, you can throw ingredients around this time, which saves on time – thank goodness Onion Kingdom doesn’t have sầu food hygiene ratings. Both Overcooked games have sầu been remastered & re-released under the nameOvercooked! All You Can Eat, but there are reportedly a few problems with online multiplayer, so you may prefer to lớn wait for a patch before heading khổng lồ the kitchen with your mates.



The third installment of the popular cooking game series is finally out in Steam Early Access. This time you’ll be travelling in your food truchồng lớn participate in the National Foodtruck Championships, which means a greater focus on street foods like ramen, Cuban sandwiches, và poutine – bless you, Québécois cuisine.

We particularly love the new chill mode, which makes this one of the most relaxing games around by removing any time limits & just letting you cook at your own pace.


Cooking Simulator

Taking the art of cooking a little more seriously, Cooking Simulator is a first-person cooking game that lets you prep, slice, & dice away at work stations in a top of the range kitchen. The career mode lets you grow your reputation & culinary skills, và unloông xã new ingredients và recipes along the way. Or if you prefer lớn kick baông xã và alleviate the pressure with the sandbox mode, you’ll have access to lớn all the recipes và ingredients you could possibly need.

Cooking Simulator can actually improve your cooking skills, as the fully stocked kitchen has an abundance of ingredients and equipment that thử nghiệm your cooking abilities. A lot of Cooking Simulator is physics-based, which adds a degree of tension to even basic burger flips – the possibilities for messing things up horribly are endless.



This anime game has been included for its beautiful hvà drawn art style và RPG twist on cooking games. You’ll need to hunt & catch your ingredients before taking them baông xã khổng lồ the kitchen – the better the cookware you can loot, the better the dish you’ll end up with This intriguing cooking game combines 2 chiều brawler combat against monsters in different locations & a match 3-inspired cooking puzzler to lớn win contests for the best meal.

Battle Chef Brigade features a single-player campaign anda local multiplayer, with a variety of challenges & modes on offer that keepthis tasty morsel of a game feeling fresh.


Dungeon Munchies

Far from a conventional cooking game, Dungeon Munchies is a 2 chiều platform game where your best bet at survival is to lớn craft & perfect recipes lớn get as much nutrition out of the ingredients as possible.

It just so happens thatthose ingredientsare your enemies.So go slay some broccoli demons và steam them up tomuch on later. Dungeon Munchies is currently in Steam Early Access, but is already getting Michelin stars from Steam reviewers.



For mushroom stew fanatics, we imagine Minecraft easily makes the list of best cooking games, but the rest of us might be left hungry for a little more variety when it comes khổng lồ Minecraft food preparation. Fortunately for the culinarily inclined, with a few Minecraft modsvà these wonderful Minecraft kitchen ideas you can acquire a fully functioning kitchen in which you can whip up anything from asparagus quiđậy lớn Yorkshire pudding.

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There are several mods that add more depth khổng lồ cooking in Minecraft, but we recommover these two. Pam’s Harvestcraft adds over 275 foods và recipes lớn the game, and the trees và crops from which you’ll harvest your ingredients. Cooking for Blockheads will help make sense of the chaos by providing you with a cookbook that shows you everything you can make with the ingredients you have on-hvà. It also adds all the blocks you’ll need khổng lồ make a fully functioning kitchen – an oven, a sink, a fridge etc – you know what goes in a kitchen.


Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game

This tycoon restaurant game focuses a little less on the cooking & more on management games, complete with a customisable chef và a range of style options for your new eatery. There are plenty of recipes plus a recipe maker, so you can curate your own menu & restaurant theme, allowing you lớn be the best at burgers – if that’s your thing.

As you progress, you’ll unlochồng skills and develop your thực đơn, and the world will react to your choices. It’s all about balancing the cost of your dishes & providing a service customers will return for. It is quite challenging, but the results are worth it. It’s still in Steam Early Access, so expect a few bugs and missing features.


Cooking Dash

A time and restaurant management game with a kooky story campaign delivered as comic strips. Cooking Dash uses an old-school animation style and satisfying level thiết kế lớn keep you hooked. Cooking Dash ramps up the difficulty as it progresses, but is one of the more relaxing games to lớn switch off to.


Cake Mania Main Street

If you’re after something a little sweeter, Cake Mania Main Street follows on from the Cake Mania Collection, adding in new sweet và savoury favourites. Reprising the role of Jill, you’ll exp& across Main Street taking on new shops và attractions lớn transform the town.

Of course, all of this will be through baking và cooking, unlocking levels & dealing with challenging new customers. Cake Mania is a time management game, that combines cheesy dialogue, satisfying timed levels, and colourful treats.


Cookie Clicker

Featured as one of our best idle games for PC, Cookie Clicker does what it says on the tin. If you’re into lớn your baked goods and want khổng lồ spend some time clicking a giant cookie to gain awards, Cookie Clicker is a click away.

This baking game relies solely on your clicks to lớn progress, with each click earning you a cookie, the further your progress you can hire cookie making grandmas or sow fields of cookie seeds. There’s only one real goal – cookie.

New cooking games coming soon


Bakery Simulator

The realistic baking game, Bakery Simulator, requires you to master all the skills it takes to be a virtual master baker, including painstakingly measuring out ingredients, operating potentially deadly appliances, và trying lớn navigate a volatile physics engine.

Operating slightly differently lớn a restaurant management game, Bakery simulator will task you with sourcing ingredients, learning how to lớn make an assortment of breads, và – naturally – avoiding death by fire. While there’s no indication of when it’s coming (outside of a 2021 release window), you can at least play a demo for yourself via the Bakery Simulator’s Steam page.

Cooking games & restaurant games don’t always have sầu to appeal khổng lồ the chef in us; they can becolourful time management games, orrequire some serious recipe grinding. Cooking games & restaurant games are a relaxing way to pass the time, whether that’s by throwing tomatoes at your friover lớn chop in Overcooked, or dragging a trùm cuối home page for your evening meal in Battle Chef Brigade.