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The Pokémon franchise consists of a multitude of games spread across many platforms. However, some of Pokémon's best games are not from the Pokétháng Company but người creations. Here are the five best Pokétháng bạn games you can play for miễn phí in 2021.

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1. Pokétháng Showdown

Pokémon Showdown is a fan-created battle simulator game that lets you create your very own Pokémon team. Pokémon Showdown focuses on purely the battle elements of the Pokémon franchise, giving you unlimited access khổng lồ every Pokétháng và the ability to lớn generate your teams randomly.

Pokémon Showdown is hugely popular amongst Pokémon fans, providing the ultimate competitive sầu battle simulator online. The fan game also has forums allowing you lớn chat with fellow players about the best battle strategies. Pokétháng Showdown deserves to lớn be on this các mục due to lớn providing a massive online battle experience with unlimited access lớn all Pokémon not currently available within the main series games. 

Pokémon Showdown gives us a battle simulator that most fans dream of. Therefore, this game is one of the best Pokémon fan games on the internet.

2. Pokémon Insurgence 

Pokémon Insurgence takes the stunning 2D art style present during the Heart Gold và Soul Silver games & leads you on a journey through a whole new Pokémon region called Torren.

The game has an engaging story and builds on existing features present within the original Pokémon games. For example, Insurgence adds brand new mega evolutions for existing Pokétháng such as Flygon & includes popular features present in licenced Pokémon games such as secret bases.

Pokémon Insurgence even adds brvà new features such as a new typing called delta type and various challenge modes. The fan game also includes a difficulty mode that has been much wished for by fans. Lastly, Pokétháng Insurgence has an extensive sầu endgame.

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As a result, Pokémon Insurgence is one of the best Pokémon bạn games. The game adds brand new features & người favourite features lớn create an original game in a brand new region. 

3.Pokétháng Planet 

Pokétháng Planet is a br& new Pokétháng fan game that deserves lớn be on this list due to its open-world capabilities. The game is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that takes original sprite assets from the mainline, generation 1,2 và 3 games to create a sprawling 2 chiều open world where you can catch, train và battle Pokémon. 

Pokémon Planet features all of the classic Pokétháng within these generations, with hundreds lớn train và catch. Pokétháng Planet features the original regions và also adds new areas khổng lồ the game. The game also includes br& new features never seen before in Pokétháng, such as clans. 

Clans allow you to get together with other players khổng lồ size battle groups with the sole aim to become the strongest clan. Pokémon Planet earns its place on this các mục due to lớn mixing classic nostalgic assets with an open-world massive sầu multiplayer experience. Fans of the original games will love Pokétháng Planet.

4.Pokétháng Uranium 

Pokémon Uranium is one of the most well-known Pokétháng bạn games on the internet. Pokétháng Uranium originally started as a fan-created game in năm nhâm thìn but sadly lost its support soon after. However, fans brought the game back to lớn life by continuing development on it.


Image credit Pokétháng Uranium Wiki

Pokétháng Uranium continues to be one of the most popular bạn games due khổng lồ its originality. The game consists of 150 brvà new Pokémon & an entirely new region lớn explore called Tandor. Pokémon Uranium also features a new nuclear type and challenge modes such as Nuzlocke. 

From an originality standpoint, Pokémon Uranium stands out as one of the best Pokémon người games online. The game is an entirely new Pokétháng game, using new assets và sprites that rivals the main series games. It is a true labour of love sầu, & anyone who is a tín đồ of Pokétháng should pichồng it up.

5. Pokétháng Vortex

Pokémon Vortex, originally called Pokétháng Crater, is a classic tín đồ game created in 1999. Pokétháng Vortex is a vast open-world game that takes original sprites & gameplay mechanics from the main series games và vastly improves them. 

Vortex allows you to lớn battle NPC's và online players. It involves you competing with others lớn become the top trainer, whether through battles or filling up your Pokedex. 

The game also adds new forms and typings, making the completion of the Pokedex a formidable task with over 2000 Pokémon khổng lồ catch. Pokémon Vortex, although slightly outdated, is a classic fan game that still holds up.

Final Thoughts on the Best Pokémon Fan Games

The internet is full of Pokémon bạn games. However, these games st& out as the best out there that you can play for không tính tiền.

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