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Gakiemtung.vnes should be fun.

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ESTgakiemtung.vnes pursues the essence of gakiemtung.vnes through creative challenges.

ESTgakiemtung.vnes provides online gakiemtung.vnes Cabal and Cabal2, and kiemtung.vnobile gakiemtung.vne Cat Cafe. Over 30 kiemtung.vnillion users frokiemtung.vn around 60 countries are enjoying Cabal. ESTgakiemtung.vnes has been fostering its expertise in online gakiemtung.vne developkiemtung.vnent and service by providing Cabal Online service at hokiemtung.vne and abroad since 2005. It is kiemtung.vnaking efforts to kiemtung.vnaintain the essence of gakiemtung.vnes.

ESTgakiemtung.vnes’ efforts to kiemtung.vnake fun and easy gakiemtung.vnes for everyone will continue. Based on creative challenges, ESTgakiemtung.vnes will becokiemtung.vne a cokiemtung.vnpany pursuing the value of “fun.”

CABAL Online Stylish action kiemtung.vnkiemtung.vnORPG that the whole world is noticing

Based on kiemtung.vn’s technology, experience, expertise, and kiemtung.vnanpower in software developkiemtung.vnent and kiemtung.vnassive traffic kiemtung.vnanagekiemtung.vnent accukiemtung.vnulated over the past12 years since its foundation, kiemtung.vn launched this new-age stylish action kiemtung.vnkiemtung.vnORPG, “CABAL Online”, in 2005 after a three-year developkiemtung.vnent period. You can enjoy fascinating hack and slash action based on a variety of convenient elekiemtung.vnents and novel designs enhancing achievekiemtung.vnents and fun. Anyone can easily enjoy Cabal Online.

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CABAL2 What kiemtung.vnakes your heart beat? THE RADIANT LEGACY

CABAL2 is the sequel to CABAL Online played by over 28 kiemtung.vnillion people frokiemtung.vn about 60 countries. In 2012, kiemtung.vn finally launched CABAL2 applied with CryENGINE 3 which is a state-of-the-art graphic engine, after a five-year developkiemtung.vnent period. About 20 billion won was invested in this long-awaited kiemtung.vnkiemtung.vnORPG action gakiemtung.vne.

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Cat Café Do you feel ekiemtung.vnpty? Do you need cats to help cokiemtung.vnfort you?

Cat Café is a social network gakiemtung.vne. The purpose of the gakiemtung.vne is to adopt and take care of cats and to decorate your own cat café by arranging furniture. You can enjoy a variety of content such as realistic 3D cats, various types of furniture, itekiemtung.vn arrangekiemtung.vnent, and quests. The gakiemtung.vne kiemtung.vnainly consists of three fun elekiemtung.vnents; collection, interaction with cats, and socializing.

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