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Here we go again! Thousands of you voted – thank you so much for taking the time – and now we have the results. What follows is your 50 favourite games of 2012 and a selection of the comments you submitted along with your selections.

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The voting was closer this year than it has been in a while. Your top game was out in front by a reasonable margin, but nothing like the gap that Skyrim built up in 2011, and there wasn”t much to separate the handful of games that followed. It seems fair to say that there was a broad selection of very strong games this year rather than a few that dominated all others. It”s also great to see so many independent games on the list, including our writers” game of the year and plenty of others.

Putting this feature together certainly gave me a few ideas for things to play over the holidays, and I hope you all enjoy browsing the results. Thanks again if you took the time to vote and, since it will probably take you over 24 hours to read everything on this page, Happy New Year for when you finish!

50. Legend of Grimrock

Publisher: Almost Human Games Developer: Almost Human Games



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What we said: “For all its stumbles – and there are an awkward handful – Mists of Pandaria nevertheless represents a WOW participating in the massively multiplayer genre rather than revelling in the cult of its own personality. Influences abound; the scenarios are a source of instant gratification sorely underutilised since they appeared, as skirmishes, in The Lord of The Rings Online”s Siege of Mirkwood expansion, while the pet battle system nods to any number of turn-based RPGs, including Pokémon of course. Yet Blizzard has managed to stamp its own mark on these features while introducing an unprecedented maturity to its storytelling.”

benpotter wrote: “It may have come too late for many people after the dull Cataclysm, but this expansion puts the adventure back into Warcraft.”

Nanonine wrote: “Blizzard”s best expansion by far – wonderful level design and music as always and on top of that a million fun things to do once you hit the level cap.”

Apaar wrote: “The best balance of quality and quantity Blizzard has ever reached with an expansion. Wonderful new atmosphere and great gameplay variety.”

46. LittleBigPlanet Vita

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Developer: Double Eleven

What we said: “In defiance of the expectation that this out-sourced handheld update would be a second rate knock-off, the game builds on the past, rather than merely riffing on it. And in its own squall of ideas and creativity it invites you to contribute to the spectacle of ingenuity. I can”t believe I did that, it hopes you”ll say.”

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mattius30 wrote: “Feels like the Vita was designed for LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet should always have been a game for Vita.”

BabyWuigi wrote: “It”s LittleBigPlanet, just portable. One of the greatest gaming communities ever. Now if Nintendo could only do something similar with Mario.”

MrFlump wrote: “While I don”t expect it to come close to being in the overall top chart due to the slow uptake on Vita, LittleBigPlanet is a joy for me and my nieces to pick up and play through. Perfect use of the Vita system and just a shame that more people haven”t got around to picking up the best handheld console and best handheld game there is.”

frunk wrote: “The perfect version of the game in a game in a game. Who thought anyone else but Media Molecule could do it? Delightful and inventive in equal measure.”

SomethingOriginal wrote: “Being able to play one of this generation”s most creative games in bite-size chunks would be good enough, but clever use of the Vita itself elevated this game, for me at least, above even the high standards of its PS3 counterparts.”

45. Okami HD

Publisher: Capcom Developer: Clover Studio


In a tumultuous year for THQ, Darksiders 2 was a rare good news story, at least in critical terms.

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What we said: “Publisher THQ”s current troubles add a slight melancholic sting to proceedings; it”s hard not to race through the final challenges wondering whether you”re seeing the last of the series. Does Death mark the end for Darksiders? I certainly hope not. The story draws to a close with a number of narrative strands flailing in the wind, and throughout the campaign there are signs that the adventure”s borrowed elements are pulling themselves together to create something genuinely harmonious. Two riders down, and you”ll still want more. If this is the apocalypse, let”s make the most of it.”

Cjail wrote: “A game that surely does not innovate but that delivers solid mechanics, great art style, and fluid combat and in the end is funny and satisfying to play.”

FladgeMangle wrote: “Before I played this I thought War was the badass horseman. Now I know better! Death oozes effortless cool and the game rewards every button press with gameplay expertly distilled from many classics.”

dadriel wrote: “Great fun game that thoroughly improved on the original Darksiders. Only the ending looked a bit rushed.”

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tobecooper wrote: “It”s cute in an apocalyptic way. Looks good, plays nice, I want more.”

42. Black Mesa

Publisher: Black Mesa Modification Team Developer: Black Mesa Modification Team

What we said: “It genuinely feels like something of an insult to its creators that we can all sample the fruits of their extensive labour for free. One can only hope that Uncle Valve might find a way to reward them for their startling act of devotion.”

You_shlaaaag wrote: “The result of what happens when you leave the lawyers out of the equation and just let fans make the best mod they can. Black Mesa turned out to be rather special. More of a love letter to one of the all-time greats than a mod. Superb.”

persus-9 wrote: “Game of the year 1998. Some things are so good they are worth repeating. That such an epic work can be summoned into existence by nothing but fan devotion is just astounding. It also reminded me just how good Half-Life really was in terms of pacing and tension. FPS of the year 1998, FPS of the year 2012.”

muckers wrote: “Having not been a PC gamer really, well, ever I hadn”t been following the hype on this one so I didn”t have the same amount of impending excitement that many others will have done when it was so close to release. I really enjoyed the original Half-Life so figured it would be worth a punt, but this remake was executed jaw-droppingly beautifully. Those irritatingly stupid platforming sections are still there, but at least it”s faithful to the original.”

41. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Criterion Games

What we said: “Its sense of character may be not be as forceful as Criterion”s other games – but the sense of competition that informs it, the joy of discovery and the plain pleasure of driving haven”t been dimmed in the slightest. This isn”t quite paradise, but it comes very close.”

fifthcolumn wrote: “Burnout Paradise with real cars? Yes please.”

SvennoJ wrote: “While Forza Horizon performs better from a technical standpoint, I find myself coming back to NFS over and over due to its fast, addictive and varied gameplay. It”s not quite Burnout Paradise, but still very enjoyable for quick multiplayer fun.”

Popzeus wrote: “Criterion deserves massive praise for squeezing the spiritual successor to Burnout Paradise onto the Vita in a virtually uncompromised form. That it manages to improve on Paradise in pretty much all areas makes it all the more impressive.”

40. Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection

Publisher: Konami Developer: Kojima Productions / Bluepoint Games


Ah, Golden Abyss. I remember reviewing this last Christmas, back when the Vita was still a hot prospect.

What we said: “For the vast majority of the time, Golden Abyss is a cleverly constructed game that more than justifies its addition to a series already lathered in superlatives. While the absence of multiplayer means it won”t last you as long as previous instalments, new control options have allowed the developers to line the seams of Drake”s adventure with flashy tassels and detailing that make for a varied and entertaining outing – perhaps even more so than its big brothers. At the very least, that should solidify Sony Bend”s reputation as a trustworthy custodian for PlayStation”s growing pile of first-party treasures.”

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chrisno21 wrote: “Back to the style seen in the first Uncharted, which is amazing on a handheld.”

samharper wrote: “Every game that comes out for the Vita is a blessing (except Black Ops…) and this was the best of the bunch. Longer than Uncharted 3, a story that did the job, visuals rivalling Drake”s Fortune and great new characters meant that I had a lot of fun with this. Sure, the final boss is as anticlimactic as they come (touch-screen QTEs, really?), and the plot may be really predictable, but the controls, touch-screen irritations aside, were of a high standard, with everything where you expect it to be. I was surprised by how intuitive reloading was, and motion sensor aim fine-tuning should be in every Vita shooter.”

Markitron wrote: “It”s an Uncharted game, that feels like an Uncharted game, that advances the series in terms of its collectables, that I can play on the toilet.”


37. Mark of the Ninja

Publisher: Microsoft Studios Developer: Klei Entertainment

What we said: “You never feel weightless, but are still able to navigate the levels with far more grace than the hapless guards in your path. Avoiding them is entirely possible – every level offers a hefty points bonus for clean runs with no enemy encounters or kills – but the fun really comes from the ever-escalating ways you can toy with your foes.”

Humfredo wrote: “The best Xbox Live Arcade title out there and a pure stealth game done right.”

Snidesworth wrote: “Tightly designed, well-crafted and immensely satisfying. The game clearly communicates information and teaches you how its mechanics work. All of the above makes for a fantastic stealth experience.”

benlowther wrote: “Caught me off guard this one. Reminded me of a 2D Splinter Cell when Splinter Cell games were actually any good.”

Malek86 wrote: “A mixture of Abe”s Oddysee and Thief, and a good one at that. Although a violent approach works well and will make the game easier, getting through a level completely unseen is extremely satisfying.”

36. Spelunky

Publisher: Microsoft Studios Developer: Derek Yu / Andy Hull

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