Gamasutra'S Best Of 2008: Top 5 Pc Games For Windows List 2008

Every year, we put up our Top 50 Games over the course of a week at Christmas. Then a few weeks later, we put up yours, based on the same voting system. This year, we thought we”d let you go first for a change. So here it is: your Top 50 Games of 2008. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and sorry if we were unable to use your comments on the winning games, but there are hundreds, and we”ve only got so much webspace. Enjoy!

50. Crysis Warhead

EA / Crytek / PC

What we said: “Crysis Warhead is probably the Back to the Future II of videogames: rather than totally transform the story and setting, it returns to the original narrative, exploring it from a different angle; once again, the results are sharper, meaner, and have a lot more for you to think about (although, thankfully, there are no dodgy CGI sharks or Elisabeth Shue performances).”

azurelas_2 says: It set a new graphical standard in videogames.

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rowsdower says: A tight, beautiful and frantically action-packed standalone expansion to Crysis, this game was worthy of the title and worthy of being one of the very best shooters on the PC. The game hit the ground running from the very first moment and the pace never slackened until the credits rolled. You couldn”t ask for more in a shooter, you really couldn”t.

Avaloner says: The game is short in length but definitely not short on excitement. Packs as much punch as any other full length FPS you would care to mention.

49. Ninja Gaiden 2


Microsoft / Rare / Xbox 360

What we said: “Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is not a platform game. The game it has become instead demands thoughtful, exciting challenges that inspire the player to pitch in and help get the most out of each level, but it fails to provide them, and even though it”s worth persevering with for the occasional hurdles race, egg-and-spoon and a game-world in aptly Rare form, ultimately it”s a brilliant shell with a mostly hollow centre.”

Oceadge says: Because it updates a classic game creating something new but bringing back all the characters and wonderful music. The design of the worlds is unique. See those giant cogs in the distance? You can actually swim out, climb to the top and take a photo! Most underrated game of the year in my opinion.

Chinster says: Absolutely brilliant return to form by Rare, deserved to sell bucketloads but didn”t. More fun than being let loose in a sweet shop at night with no one around but you.

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powderfinger1971 says: As with Fable II, just had so much fun with this game. We sometimes forget we play games for relaxation, not to get even more wound up.

Sam81 says: Very refreshing gameplay and very cool vehicle-building mechanic. I find myself always discovering new things while exploring the world, it looks lush and plays well. My only problem would be the lack of voice-overs…

46. God of War: Chains of Olympus

Sony / Ready at Dawn / PSP

What we said: “It”s obvious that Chains of Olympus gets things absolutely spot on in terms of look and feel, and it”s quite an incredible achievement in all manner of ways: the absence of loading times, the excellent controls, and the slick visuals contribute to it being one of the best examples of how to make a game for the PSP. It”s not quite the full God of War experience, but none of this detracts too significantly from a game that is well worth buying despite its compromises.”

coxyclan says: An amazing achievement for a handheld.

zolika says: PSP had a sad year, but this game kicks ass.

peterfll says: Smashing fun, proved you didn”t need twin analogue sticks to make it work, and proved how the PSP is being criminally under-used by everyone else when a title like this can make it dazzle.

mezzomorto says: This was the first PSP game that made me feel that I wasn”t playing on a second-class platform.

45. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift


Ubisoft / Ubisoft Montreal / PC, PS3, Xbox 360

What we said: “Vegas 2 feels like an incremental expansion, despite the success of the character-creation feature. The annoying thing is that with a bit more investment these quickfire sequels would feel like true follow-ups, which would go a long way with those of us who”ve been following the series for the past ten years. As it is, we”ll still go to Vegas, but we”ll be grumpy on the way home.”

Iliad says: As a Rainbow fanatic, this is a much more polished game with a multiplayer mode to match the single-player looks… finally. The online modes and especially Terrorist Hunt have ensure this is my most played game… until the next one.

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lfc_lad says: Back to its best. A classic shooter.

Putty Man says: The fact I persevered long enough to play through this on Realistic says it all really. Fantastic game with great online modes, Terrorist Hunt being the standout.

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Commodore75 says: For those of us who never bothered with the first one (or simply prefer others to work out the kinks before we take the plunge), this is what couch co-op should be like.

42. No More Heroes

Rising Star / Grasshopper Manufacture / Wii

What we said: “In a fight between games as metaphor and games as entertainment, we need to feel like the winners. There are times in No More Heroes when we don”t, but there are enough occasions when we do, and by the time you”re the best assassin in town you”ll either be glad that the destination was always worth it or arguing that it deserves another mark. Either way, you do at least win.”

Evolution says: Games by Suda51 probably shouldn”t work, but they do. While they are always a bit too left-field to ever be considered great games, they seem to fall into their own category as gaming”s own “arthouse” style.

DGumshoe says: More fun to play with a Beam Katana than in any Star Wars game.

Lujo says: We need more of this. The story makes no sense whatsoever, but I dare you to call it bad. The dialogue is wierd, comical and disturbing, just as the characters. Travis Touchdown is one of the most memorable characters ever created, and as a gamer you will probably find it hard not to identify with him. The only part of the game that doesn”t hold up just as well as everything else is the gameplay, but the game never really suffers from that, because no matter how lacking it is, you never get bored, and the story and characters help you keep the motivation up. Otakus, lightsabres, cult references, cel-shading, psychotic assassins, samurai, crotch-lasers, sexually suggestive 18 year-old female, sexually suggesting 60-year-old male, drunken fighting masters, and family connections that fail to make any sense at all? Yup, it”s Suda 51.

psychokitten says: A difficult choice, No More Heroes is a game I love, but it”s very flawed. A great sense of humour, lots of gore, and some fantastic bosses/characters make it all worthwhile.

SirClive says: One of the only Wii games that gets a look in. Didn”t try to tack on too many motion controls and allowed it to become a retro-styled classic.

41. The World Ends With You


Square Enix / DS

What we said: “It”s bold, inspiring and bubbling over with dozens of ideas, any one of which would be cause for celebration in most games, but the over-reliance on a daunting sink-or-swim combat system that will leave many players gasping for breath ultimately counts against it. A truly brilliant game, it”s just a shame that it couldn”t ease off on the information overload and make that brilliance easier for everyone to appreciate.”

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letmelive says: Unique. A breath of fresh air from Square-Enix after a year of fairly mediocre and standard titles.

Eraysor says: The most original RPG I have ever played. I”m pretty sure an alternate reality version of a Tokyo shopping district in which people fight to the death has never been covered before.

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Meho says: Okay, this is a game that uses modern day Tokyo as setting rather than the fantasy/science-fiction ones we have learned to expect. It also forces the characters to change fashion trends in the Shibuya ward if they mean to survive and progress. They also have to be careful what they eat and when in order to be combat-ready. Not to mention that the game demands the player to shout into the microphone for certain combat techniques to be implemented and that this actually does not make you feel like t***. But the biggest thing about it? You are required to fight two different fights, using two different characters, on two different screens with two different control schemes at the same time. The amazing thing about the game is not that you actually manage to do this after some time but that you actually enjoy it immensely and, in the absence of the dreaded random combat, you actually go out of your way to actively look for trouble!

TheMoonRat says: I”m not a collectable kind of person; I play a single-player game through once, finish it, and move on. So why on earth do I now have a back catalogue of DS games to play because I”m sitting through trying to get every pin, every collectable, defeat every monster at every level? It has a deceptively simple story on first play-through that may not make sense, but has a brilliant mechanic for making you go through the game a second time to fill in pieces of the story. The battles at first can be overwhelming with two screens, but you really can adjust it to be as easy or as difficult as you want; and either way you are rewarded.

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