Jual Ark Survival Di Medan, Which Map Is Best For A Solo Offline Game

So i got into Ark a month or two back, some buddies of mine had been playing and it just so happened that it was on sale so i picked it up. We made our own Valguero server just on a whim and started playing.And i gotta say, gorgeous game, the gameplay is great, the dinos are great, theres just so much here thats good. I was instantly hooked. But then the bugs happened. Ill sum up my experiences.

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-first night i played, there was something happening where, if i equipped a stack of berries and held down the number key associated with them until they ran out, the game crashed. 3 crashes my first night of playing.

– Less than 10 hours of gameplay in. I had misplaced a pteradon near a mountain in a rather calm biome, so i went to look for it on foot. While running through the forest on top of the mountain suddenly i fell into this oddly shaped crevice. It wasnt deep enough to do fall damage, but somehow my character became completely trapped in place, stuck in the falling animation. It kept raining so i couldnt die of thirst. I couldnt use or consume any items because the game thought i was falling. I logged out and back in and found myself in the same spot. And none of my tribe mates could locate me because i was in this little pocket among trees. All in all i was trapped for a full hour before someone found me and finally killed me. Lost all my gear.

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– got off my argentavis to collect resources and got attacked by dinos. Turned to whistle him to me. Rather than coming to me he flew to the ceiling of the map. Even flying up there with birds and calling him didnt help, he was completely stuck. It took jumping off another bird onto him to fix him.

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– Flying into the wyvern trench one time the game crashed. Tried logging in repeatedly and was greeted with a crash every single time. Literally could not log in until a passing wyvern killed me. Then, after logging in, i immediately tried running and grabbing my stuff only to find that, when i got close, the same crash loop happens. Lost a bunch of nice gear and a really nice argent thanks to that.

-invisible wyverns… this one is both fascinating and infuriating. I built a wall of turrets at the base of the wyvern trench literally because i had no way of avoiding their ice breath because theyre entirely invisible. And from everything i can see, the turrets wont even fire at them. And theres no fix??? They still offer this map knowing theres an entire area thats 100% a broken death trap? It boggles the mind.

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Based on the above, im always really hesitant to recommend this to people. Even when i do, i tell them to wait for a sale, because after all these bugs ive found i really would not be happy if i had paid full price for it.

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Im getting off track though. My question to others with experience of Valguero and the rest of the game is, are the official maps any better? Does the rest of the game still suffer from the kind of game breaking bugs ive experienced?

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