18 Best Offline Couch Co – 2 Player Games Free : Fun Mini Games Offline

Enjoy offline multiplayer games for Android which you can play with a local Wi-Fi Hotspot WLAN network or Bluetooth for free.

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A highly addicted offline and online multiplayer game to find the imposter Among Us. You can play with 4-10 friends on a local Wi-Fi network. It is a space-themed mafia setting with players taking on two roles, most being Crewmates, and a few being Impostors. The goal for the Crewmates is to identify the Impostors and eliminate them while completing tasks, and the Impostors’ goal is to kill all Crewmates without being identified.

A simple yet highly brainer game to play with friends. You will truly fall in love with the game.

Download Among Us! | Local Wi-Fi

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne


This Asphalt racing game has always been the favorite for mobile game players on Android and iOS devices. No other racing game is as popular as Asphalt. What players love most about this racing game is its vast features. There are different racing tracks, different car types, and 100s of events you can choose from. Eight players can race on Asphalt 8 Airborne when connected to a particular Wi-Fi network. You need no internet connection just a host (the hotspot provider) and other players to join and you can get the game on.

Bundled with some highly polished graphics from Gameloft, realistic audio effects accompanied by more than 300 events, 9 seasons, and over 200 cars, Airborne is the best choice for any Arcade lover. Real car models just enhance the drama along with high-grade air stunts and near-miss obstacles which makes the Asphalt 8 one of the best offline racing games for Android.

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Download Asphalt 8 | WiFi-Hotspot

5. Sea Battle 2 – Multiplayer

Sea Battle 2. Gameplay EN


Special Forces Group 2 is a 3D shooting game for action lovers. It is very similar to the popular Counter-Strike game; besides, it was inspired by it. There are lots of weapons to choose from including guns and explosives and they are customizable. Five game modes are available and they include the classic mode, capture the flag, zombie, bomb, and resurrection mode.

You would love the sound effects as they bring the action to life. Multiplayer mode can be played both online and offline using a Wi-Fi and Hotspot connection respectively.

Download Special Forces Group 2 | Local Wi-Fi

7. Badminton League


Love to play Badminton then you enjoy the game on this multiplayer offline game. We all know the Badminton sports game so you know what to expect when you launch this multiplayer offline game. If you love the sports game, then you are sure to catch a lot of fun playing this game with friends.

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It can be connected in multiplayer mode using the hotspot and you can only play against one friend at a time. You would find it easy to play as it features simple control patterns. The game has good graphics and you can create your character to play with.

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