Fifa 21: How To Play “Offline Multiplayer” With Two Controllers? ?

While this is a great way to learn the mechanics of the game, there is only one achievement attached to this game mode. To earn this, go to the “Play”-section and down to “Learn to Play”. Press , select “The Basics” and follow the instructions on-screen for the 4 mini-games. They involve dribbling, shooting, passing and defending. The minimum amount of score you need to gain is very easy to obtain and can be done with pretty much every player available on the game. If you still struggle, any decent player like Ronaldo or Messi might make it easier.

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Baby stepsComplete all Drills in FIFA Basics


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Next up are the career modes. On the “Play”-section, go to new Career, “Manager Career” and pick Chelsea. There”s a reason into doing that but for now, just navigate yourself through the menus. The settings themselves don”t really matter, so just keep on pressing . Once you get through everything, you will want to search for a specific player through your scouts. Go to “Transfers”, then Global Transfer Network. Pick any scout that is set to available and allow him to search through Spain. As instructions, add “First Team Quality”, “Attack Minded” and “Strong”. Simulate through time, and any friendly games that show up and your scout should have found Sergio Ramos. You will now unlock the following achievement:

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You Struck Gold!Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 GTN player attributes

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