8 Online Escape Games To Make You Feel Like You’ve Broken Free

Way baông chồng in the days before social distancing (remember those?), escape rooms offered a fun way to entertain the family & increase team-building skills. Think of it: The whole clan in one spot, working together to hunt down clues và solve sầu puzzles in a limited amount of time—what could be finer? Unfortunately, depending on where you live sầu, your favorite place to kiểm tra your family"s mettle may be temporarily closed for the time being. Not lớn worry! Much lượt thích going on virtual Disneyland ride tours, you can still experience the rush of solving puzzles from your living room. Here are seven standout experiences that will change up your usual routine of the best Netflix kids shows, family board games, và indoor activities for kids.

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Remote Adventures

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The Escape Game Remote Adventures

Nashville-based The Escape Game has 19 locations nationwide (everywhere from Atlanta khổng lồ San Francisco), and all locations have sầu reopened for in-person games with extra precautions và sanitizing. But for those looking for a virtual experience (or if you want to play with friends và family who live far away), the company created Remote Adventures, a live Zoom-based game. The 60-minute challenge includes a live host as well as a guide who acts & your eyes và ears (& hands!) during the game. A digital dashboard keeps traông xã of clues and allows you to lớn bởi a 360-degree scan of the room. The cost is $30 per person, and the game accommodates 4 to lớn 8 players.

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The Grimilimet Escape

One of the most popular virtual escape rooms khổng lồ emerge during the COVID-19 pandemic, this online game was created by real-life escape room company Puzzle Break (which has locations in Washington, New York, và Massachusetts). The challenge takes place in an enchanted forest accessible via Zoom, where you"ll solve sầu puzzles và escape a witch"s curse. There is a fee of $25 per person and you do have sầu to book your room in advance.

Bank Heist

Simple in format yet satisfying lớn solve, this virtual escape room was designed by the owners of Expedition Escape! lớn tide over puzzle lovers until their escape rooms in Pennsylvania can re-open. In this experience, you"ll be a part of a crime syndicate that"s on a mission to lớn unlock a safe. Grab a calculator & get ready to lớn quickly solve the problems presented (you have sầu about trăng tròn minutes!).

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

The best part of visiting an escape room is choosing a fun theme, especially when you find one that suits the fandom of your family. This miễn phí digital escape room has themed touches that Potterheads will adore. And you know the references will be 100 percent on-point since the creator of this room happens lớn be a youth services librarian (at the Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, Pennsylvania). You have sầu the option of completing the game as a group, an individual, or even competing against friends.

Minecraft Escape Room

Another không tính phí digital escape room that comes courtesy of a youth services librarian (this time, at the Regency Park Library in New Port Richey, Florida), this experience involves videos và math problems themed around one of the many games your kids can"t stop playing.

Mystery Escape Room

You have sầu two adventures lớn choose from — one inspired by Nancy Drew & another that has a general super anh hùng theme — in this online experience hosted by Utah-based escape room company Mystery Escape Room. The "rooms" are bookable for up lớn an hour, come with a live guide (who can answer questions via conference call), and are accessible through your đoạn phim conferencing phầm mềm. The fee of $85 (for the Nancy Drew room) or $75 (for the super anh hùng room) covers a group of 4 to lớn 8.

Oscar"s Stolen Oscar

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryl&, hosts this free fishy mystery. You"ll help Oscar (the shark star of 2004"s Shark Tale) find his award statuette while also learning about sea creatures in an escape room experience that also gives you a virtual tour of the aquarium.

Brain Chase

If you"re looking lớn expvà your kids" educational opportunities (while also entertaining them), look to lớn Brain Chase. This educational K-12 platform offers virtual escape rooms on a weekly basis as part of its extracurricular programming. You can also participate in monthly virtual escape room competitions where you can win $100. Note: Brain Chase does require a monthly subscription of $19.99 (or $29.99, depending on what you"d like khổng lồ access in the program).

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