Frying Pan Game Cách Chơi – What Are Your Idols Playing

Whenever I watch my favorite K-pop groups play games on variety shows, I always wonder how they all know how to play. From catchy chants to strange interactions with each other, these games usually cause the utmost chaos. Behind all the chaos, I never could really understand how each of the games was played. Here is a guide to some of the common games that idols play on variety shows that leave us grinning from ear to ear:

Paper Kiss Game

Starting off simple, we have the one of the idols’ most dreaded game: the paper kiss game. To play, you simply pass along a sheet of paper, but instead of using your hands, you use your mouth. This game may require some strategy and practice. The key is to inhale to keep the paper on your lips and to gently exhale as you pass it onto the next person.

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Not to be confused with SHINee Minho’s popular rap, Dibidibidip is a game where the appointed leader tries to get their opponent to copy their gesture. Before a gesture is made, the leader must start by saying “dibidibidip.” When the leader says “dip,” both the leader and opponent make one of three gestures. If the opponent makes the same gesture as the appointed leader, then the opponent loses and the next person goes up against the leader.

Frying Pan Game

The Frying Pan Game is one of my favorites because of the catchy chant in the beginning. This game consists of 4 beats:

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Beat 1: Pat thighs 4 timesBeat 2: Clap 4 timesBeat 3: Pat thighs twice, then clap twiceBeat 4: Pat thighs once, clap once, right thumbs-up sign, left thumbs-up sign

The opening chant goes like this:

“Ting, tingtingting (Beat 1)Tang, tangtangtang (Beat 2)Ting ting tang tang (Beat 3)Hoo ra i pan no ri” (Beat 4)

Repeating beat 4 for each round, you call out a name and say a number 1–4. The person whose name you called out must say their own name however many times you said, keeping the same beat. The one to become offbeat loses.

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007 Bang

This game requires at least 5 players. I cannot tell you how many times I had to watch this video to fully understand what is going on. Here’s the gist of 007 Bang:

Someone starts off by drawing a circle or square in the air, followed by pointing to four people, representing , , 7, and Bang, respectively.

The person who represents Bang, then points to another person in the group, indicating that that person has been “shot.” The one to get shot must freeze while the ones sitting on either side of the victim must put up both hands. If the victim does not freeze or if the ones sitting next to the victim do not put their hands up, they lose and have the enjoyment of getting hit by the rest of the players.

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Although these games often show how problematic and chaotic our faves can be, we still love them no matter what.

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