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Video games based on anime are some of the core foundations of gaming, even though they may not be the best around. Some animes seem to be perfectly made for adapting them into video games, and that”s especially the case with this one. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a game based on the well-known franchise, and developed by DIMPS, of course, published by Bandai Namco.

By now we”re used to seeing anime-based games published by Bandai Namco, but it”s developer DIMPS that makes this one interesting. From the developers of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, comes a video game based on an anime/manga/novel series that are also based on video games. So this time we”ve come full circle, but what”s the game like?

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About the game

It”s hard to talk about a game based on other content, without giving at least a little bit of context. We actually control an original avatar we get to customize in the game, but we get to see Kirito and other main characters of the anime. Here we”re in an alternate timeline as in the anime, and we”re placed in a world called Gun Gale.

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Gun Gale is full of steampunk aesthetic, and this means that we pretty much wave goodbye to the swords, and say hello to the guns and more. The game combines a fake MMORPG to make it more similar to the source content, with a third-person shooter and ends up being more of a JRPG. A pretty interesting game style that takes a while to understand, but once you get a grasp of it, it becomes pretty addictive.

The game is also full of incredibly long cinematics and tons of voiced dialogue, so the original story does feel pretty alive. Aside from the third-person shooter mechanics, it is pretty similar to the other Sword Art Online games out there. It has a huge map, tons of weapons to collect, dungeons to explore and quests to complete.

Is it a good anime game?

It is a very complete anime game, just like in Dragonball Xenoverse, developer DIMPS managed to find a new twist to a very used game series. The map and exploration are in some ways similar to games like The Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild, at least in size. And the boss battles might remind you of titles like Xenoblade, so it is a mix of a lot of different game experiences. But do they mix well?


If you”re a fan of the series you are definitely going to love this title. It”s very original, it has an amazing story and it features many of the core characters of the series. Now, if you”re completely new to the series, it will be easier to notice that the game lacks a lot of things. Some mechanics are not that well polished and, if you”re new to the series, the plot may be confusing and even boring.

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Graphics and Visuals: The graphic aspect in this game is amazing, not only the game design but also the models and environments. High-quality particle effects and lightning makes the battles feel just like the anime. Even though your character is customizable it does not feel out of place with all the characters in there. The animations and everything in there is excellent

Gameplay: the Controls are a little awkward and uncomfortable, aiming with your gun can be tough sometimes, and so is moving around during a fight. The game style, even though original, can get tedious and boring if you”re not completely into it

Sound: The soundtrack is pretty good, it features themes from the anime and original music that goes perfect for the battles and more. The characters are also voiced by their original Japanese voice actors. This makes the game feel much more like a pretty long OVA, and that”s great

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